The Outer Worlds Faction Quests Guide (2024)

The Outer Worlds feature Faction Quests which are the Faction activities and plots. They are not mandatory to attempt in order to complete the game but they grant you insight on the world and system and also give you some reputation with the faction they are for. Completing these quests will give you special rewards and extra XP as well.

Below is a list of the Faction quests and the method to complete these quests

Space-Crime Continuum
After you’ve gained access to Stellar Bay on Monarch, you have to take the job with Lilya Hagen aboard the Groundbreaker. Get the Bloody Note from the corpse lying in the corner of the fishery docks in Stellar Bay of Monarch. The note has a passcode in it, take it to Catherine Malin in Fallbrook.

When you enter Fallbrook, you have to find Mortimer Bell who’ll give you the location for Catherine Malon and you’ll gain Sublight Salvage & Shipping reputation. Meet Catherine who’ll ask you to syphon the gas from Cascadia’s lab into one of your ship’s fuel tanks. Once you get the gas to take it to the Groundbreaker and finish your dialogue to get 5000 XP.

Now take Clive Lumbergh’s boast factory owner, upon Catherine’s orders. Killing him or sabotaging the factory will unlock the side quest Slaughterhouse Clive. You’ll have to Persuade, Lie or Intimidate Duncan Elley in order to get the ID to sneak in.

Use the passcode to enter Cascadia. Entering the passcode will reveal a lift that takes you to Rizzo Secret Laboratory. Entering the lab will gain you 5000 XP. Lie to the robot that you find in the lab. Use the terminal to the room on your left to signal ADA to land, and your quest will update with which you’ll gain 5000 XP.

Take the route left from the entrance and you’ll come across a room with several Mantisaur. Defeat them and interact with the terminal to align the fuel. You’ll have to move to another terminal to initiate Alta-Vitae Gas transfer. After this, you’ll gain 5000 XP.

Go to the room where there are more Mantisaur. Defeat them and read a terminal, and then take the opposite direction to fight a Mantiqueen. You’ll find the terminal for your quest after you pass the Mantiqueen. Connect storage tanks to the landing pad refueling system and either Engineering, Hack or Overload the systems.

Find the Mind Control Ray for the quest Weapons from the Void. Find the dead scientist and a safe that contains Mind Control Ray. Here you gain 3500 XP.

Go to the Unreliable and back to the Groundbreaker where you complete the quest by talking to Lilya Hagen at SubLight and gain 5000 XP. Once you complete the quest, you gain 20000xp, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up, 2188 Bit Cartridge. You can Persuade for 2300XP and 500 Bit Cartridge. You’ll unlock the quest The Ice Palace and obtain Override Cartridge, which allows you to travel to the quest destination.

BOLT with His Name
When you speak to Sanjar Nandi at Stellar Bay in Monarch, he tells you about wanting to go back to mainstream. After interacting with him, get out of Monarch Wilderness and to the building near the bridge. Loot an Iconoclast corpse for ARMS Building Key and Leaded Armor.

Go inside the ARMS building and loot the items you find by the terminal. Read the report where you’ll get to know about Sanjar and hack the files of Graham Bryant. You’ll also see about Dora Erickson, who’s recommended for the promotion. Now decide whether or not you want to delete the terminal content. Deleting it will gain you 5625 XP.

You’ll find Huxley who’s behind the locked door. Talk to her through the intercom and she’ll ask for help. You’ll get 5625 XP for this. Use the key that you found earlier to get her out or use Perception, or Engineering, Intimidate or Persuade in order to get her open the door from inside.

She’ll give you Iconoclast reputation and inside the room, loot Mag-Pick, Ammo and Bit Cartridge and the BOLT-52 Cartridge.

Go to Sanjar and give him the BOLT-52 and you’ll get 5625 and 15000xp, MSI Elite Helmet, 3000 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation. He’ll give you the quest Errors Unseen and will ask you to bring evidence which will prove the wrong things happening with the company.

Errors Unseen
For this quest, Sanjar is going to tell you about his plan of blackmailing the board so he can enter the table. Sanjar thinks Catherine is supplying for Fallbrook and asks you to bring him the evidence. Go to Fallbrook and talk to Catherine or pickpocket her keycard in order to know about her employee going missing, who was hired for the drop-off. You have to find him.

Go to the drop-off point under the lower level of the bridge and unlock the location, Blown Bridge. For 5625 XP, inspect the loader and then follow the trace of blood west toward the Smuggler Tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, go to Arthur and ask him what happened. He’ll tell you about being ambushed by Marauders, who knew where the meeting would take place. He’ll tell you their location and you’ll receive 5625XP.

Go to the UDL lab location and kill the scientists surrounding Marauders. Then kill all the Marauders and the Ringleader and also pick up the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard. Go to the terminal and transfer files to external tape to bring evidence of UDL’s Lorem Ipsum project.

You receive 5625XP and UDL Research Data quest items. Interact with the terminal on the first floor by bringing the UDL Lab Weapons Terminal Keycard. After interacting, pick up Gloop Gun, a Science Weapon part of the Weapons From the Void Quest.

Go to Stellar Bay and kill the Marauders and then talk to Lenora Talley which will unlock her as a vendor near Fallbrook.Go to Sanjar Nandi, who’ll tell you about his plan of reforming the board. Giving Sanjar the data will complete the quest and will reward you with 15000XP, 2188 Bit Cartridge, MSI Elite Armor, and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation.

Going to Catherine and telling her about Arthur will get you SunLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation.

The Commuter
You meet Graham Bryant and Zora Blackwood in Amber Heights, where you begin the quest after interacting with Graham. In the terminal nearby, you’ll get information on what transpired between Graham and Sanjar Nandi. Talk to Zora and then go to Bayside Terrace Warehouse where you’ll meet Niles who’ll be blocking your way. Lie, Persuade, or Bribe him to get access inside the building. There, hack the terminal to vent gas and kill everyone.

Head to the locked door and use the intercom to get it opened. Talk to Carlotta and she will give you Printing Press Parts. You’ll gain 7500 XP. Interact with her and then choose between high-capacity data cartridges, or food and medicine. You’ll gain 7500 XP again.

Go back to Graham and tell him that you got his rollers, and food and medicine or high-capacity data cartridges. You also gain 7500 XP. Then Zora is going to ask you about the next drop and you’ll tell him about Sanjar making it illegal to trade with the Iconoclasts. With this, you’ll get the next quest, Pay for the printers. As a reward, you receive 15000XP, 2900 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclast Apostle Helmet and Iconoclasts Reputation.

Pay for the printer
After talking to Graham, go out to find the Terra One Publications. Defeat all the enemies that you see there and interact with Voy Noys. You’ll know about Zora’s team requiring medical help but have lost their medic. A group of Raptidons is going to attack you when you get to the facility. Defeat them and go where the medic is. Loot the medic’s corpse to obtain the Unique Weapons: Euthanasia Kit, as well as the Iconoclast Trauma Kit quest item. When you go back to May Van Noy and tell her about the medic, you gain 7500 XP.

Go to the printing building and read the note left behind by Caden. Go to the locked office which has a terminal with corporate requests and a high-level lockbox. Go to the second floor after heading inside the last door and go to the room which is overlooking the press and use the terminal to activate the rollers. You’ll gain 7500 XP for it.

Once you go back to Amber Heights, you’ll again find Zora and Graham in an argument. If you helped the Van Noys you’ll get 7500 XP and Iconoclasts Reputation. Upon completing the quest, you’ll receive 15000XP and Iconoclast Reputation as well as Iconoclast Apostle Armor and 2900 Bit Cartridge. Interacting with Zora will unlock the quest Sucker Bait.

Canid’s Cradle
When you flip the switch to restart Devil’s Peak Station during the Radio Free Monarch quest, this quest gets triggered. Make your way to Sulfur Pits and Gunship Crash Site will be unlocked.

In the nearby terminal, you will get information about how the crash was a human error. Eject the Gunship Captain’s Key and it will be added to your inventory and now, you have access to the rest of the ship.

Upon retrieving the Cantankerous Canid Targeting Module and you gain 3428XP. Now you either talk to Sanjar or interact with Graham


Tell him to call it a truck and ask him to work with Zora. He’ll ask for her review which you’ll export from Cascadia. Give him her review seeing which he will be impressed by her and will ask you to convince her.


On your way inside Amber Heights, Zora will stop you and will tell you about getting a new leader for Iconoclasts, and proposes deposing Graham. You agree with her and go with Zora to Graham. He will refuse to back down so you’ll have to kill him for which you’ll receive 3425 XP.

Ask Zora to work with Sanjar, use Persuade or you can use intelligence and perception. She will agree to it and you will gain 3425 XP.

The Negotiation:

Go to the OSI church by fast traveling to Stellar Bay Ruins. When both Sanjar and Zora agree to work with each other, you receive 3428 XP and the Peace of our Time trophy/achievement. Completing the quest gives you 16000XP, the unique weapon Soft Speaker, and 2118 Bit Cartridge.

The Ice Palace
When you talk to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage Headquarters in Groundbreaker, after completing Space-Crime Continuum, you receive this quest.

To restore power you have to go to HRS-1084 station. Pick up UDL Identity Cartridge from a chair in the mess hall. Use the terminal to set the generator on normal. After talking to ADA, the Corporate Commander will contact you and you can Persuade her to not attack you if you have gained Adjutant Akande’s trust by completing The Demolished Woman quest.

Defeat the automechanicals when you go up the stairs and Pick up Blank UDL Keycard and use Encode Keycard on the terminal to get Electrical Control Room Keycard. When you exit the main room, you’ll come across a locked door that requires Lockpicking or you can use the Electrical Control Room Keycard. Use the terminal inside to disengage the security protocol.

Read the logs, in the next room, to get information on the experiments being done here and after reading, insert the SubLight Override Cartridge. This will give you 15000 XP.

Give Lilya the information you found and completion of the quest will net you 35000 XP and SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation as well as 2188 Bit Cartridges. In your interaction with Lilya, she will tell you to kill Eva Chartrand. This will give you The Chimerist’s Last Experiment quest and you’ll get Byzantium Estate Key.

The Chimerist’s Last Experiment
Head to Dr. Chartrand’s house in Byzantium in Estate District. To enter Dr. Cartrand’s Home, use the Byzantium Estate Key. Use the terminal to read her logs and then use it to open the lab and head down towards the elevator.

Talk to Dr. Eva Chartrand and tell her about Lilya sending you to kill her. You can Lie to her and she’ll give you information on their experiment. You can tell her to work with Phineas Welles and she will agree and you’ll gain 15000 XP and gain a Negative Reputation with The Board.

When you return to Lilya Hagen, you’ll gain Negative Reputation with SubLight Salvage & Shipping and 35000 XP. You can kill her to gain negative reputation with The Board.

Return to the Groundbreaker and speak to Lilya, to get 15000xp, 20000xp, 2188 Bit Cartridge, SubLight VP Armor and the SubLight to the End Trophy / Achievement. Also, get a promotion to Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions.

The Outer Worlds Faction Quests Guide (2024)


Do I give Sanjar the data cartridge? ›

Handing over the module to either group is an easy way to end the side quest: Give the Module to Sanjar of the MSI to side with the corporate(ish) side. Give the Module to Graham or Zora of the Iconoclasts to side with the rebellious group.

What is the point of no return quest in outer worlds? ›

As you approach the navigation terminal on your ship you'll be given an opportunity to talk to your crew before heading to Tartarus. Going to Tartarus is the point of no return, so if there's any side content you've left undone - now's the time to do it.

How long is outer worlds with all side quests? ›

A more realistic estimate for how long it takes to beat The Outer Worlds is 40 hours. This would be enough time to complete most of the side quests and engage in most of the dialogue options.

Can you romance in Outer Worlds? ›

No Romance in The Outer Worlds

Aside from occasionally being able to flirt with some of the stranger's crew members, there isn't any romance that can be had between the player and any characters, though they can embark on NPC-specific side quests. There are, however, some meaningful relationships in The Outer Worlds.

Is it better to give the module to Graham or Sanjar? ›

To get the third "peace option" route you'll need to give the Module to Graham, then work with Zora to overthrow him and broker peace with Sanjar in The Outer Worlds. The best outcome when it comes to who to give the Module to in The Outer Worlds starts by you speaking with Sanjar and ask to make peace.

How to get Zora and Sanjar to work together? ›

To do this, the player has to prove to Sanjar that Zora has reputable work behind her. The player must read a terminal in Cascadia to have proof of Zora's past work. Sanjar will be satisfied with working with Zora then, but Zora must be in control of the Iconoclasts to make any decisions in the first place.

What is the disappointing ending in outer worlds? ›

The Outer Worlds' bad ending requires players to turn Welles in and side with the Board. Once they do, the Hope is sent to Tartarus, and players help the Board maintain control over Halcyon.

Should you get rid of Reed Outer Worlds? ›

The decision is ultimately yours to make, as there's no special reward for either option. It's worth noting that if you do kill (or pickpocket) Reed, you may be able to get the keycard for his storage room in his office.

Should you turn in Phineas in outer worlds? ›

Agreeing to turn him in will unlock a new main quest--Balance Due. This is the the start of Halcyon's Questline. You can complete both Phineas' and Halcyon's quests before siding with one or the other. Feel free to begin the questline and bounce between the two as needed.

What is the max level in The Outer Worlds? ›

The most significant gameplay enhancement comes in the form of a new level cap of 99. With the DLC installed, the original Outer Worlds had a level cap of 36, which doesn't sound like much, but was perfectly adequate for an RPG that isn't very long by RPG standards.

Can you keep playing Outer Worlds after the ending? ›

can play forever or when the story end, you done? You can keep playing after you finish the story - but there's not too much to do past that point really, it's a pretty finite game. Might still have a few things you missed to explore though.

How many endings does The Outer Worlds have? ›

The Outer Worlds essentially has three different endings: the good ending, "Save the Hope"; the bad ending, "Sacrifice the Hope"; and the crash and burn ending, because of course there's got to be a way to sink even lower than the plain old "bad" ending.

Can you sleep with Parvati outer worlds? ›

Parvati Holcomb

The game even has dialogue with Parvati that reveals her asexuality and allows players to give advice on how to proceed with Junlei. Parvati is a wonderful crewmate to have around for conversation and moral decisions, but unfortunately 100% off the menu romantically.

Is Parvati asexual? ›

As the story progresses, the player can learn more about her, including her asexuality and romantic interest in the character Junlei Tennyson, whom the player can help Parvati pursue. Parvati struggles with her asexuality and other insecurities, and the player can help her overcome them and confess to Junlei.

Can you sleep with people in outer worlds? ›

There is just no romance option in the game for any of the companions.

Who should I give the cache of medicine to outer worlds? ›

In summary, we recommend giving the medicine to Esther as she'll put it to better use, and you'll receive better rewards from her when it comes to Bits and XP.

Do you have to give Sanjar the Bolt 52? ›

Synopsis. Sanjar needs a BOLT-52 cartridge to defend Stellar Bay.

Do you have to give companions ammo in the outer worlds? ›

Nope they have infinite ammo for whatever you give them. However each character tends to thrive with certain weapon types so you want to aim for what ever they benefit from the most.

Should I side with MSI or Iconoclasts? ›

Persuading both factions to get along is – as you'd expect – the optimal outcome, but if you really dislike either MSI or the Iconoclasts, now you know what the rewards are. You'll also get either faction's help during the final mission, and if you make them negotiate, they'll both help you out!


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