St Anthony Hospital Crown Point Visiting Hours (2024)

1. Visitor Guidelines - Franciscan Health Crown Point

  • 19 okt 2022 · Visiting hours are from 7AM - 8PM. Visitors under the age of 18 are allowed in some areas but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Franciscan Health Crown Point

2. Franciscan Health Crown Point

  • The new Franciscan Health Crown Point hospital includes 199 inpatient beds with ... Visiting Hours. Visitation is 7AM - 8PM. Visitor Guidelines. Amenities. Gift ...

  • Request an appointment at Franciscan Health Crown Point. We provide full-service acute care with a focus on innovation and quality.

3. Visitor Guide - St. Anthony Regional Hospital

4. General Information - St. Anthony Hospital | VMFH - Virginia Mason

  • Regular visiting hours are generally from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily for all areas of the hospital. After regular visiting hours, visitors to the hospital must ...

  • View the general information available for St. Anthony Hospital, including parking details, visiting hours and any visiting restrictions.

5. Visitor Information - St. Anthony Community Hospital

  • 20 mei 2024 · Inpatient allows two (2) persons at a time during general visiting hours. One (1) visitor permitted during overnight hours. Maternity Services ...

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6. Patient & Visitor Information Center - Methodist Hospitals

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  • At Methodist Hospitals, we understand how important quality health care is to you and your family. We have been serving Northwest Indiana for generations and hope you will let us be your healthcare provider of choice for many years to come. We are committed to providing our patients and visitors with the highest quality of services both within the hospital setting and online. Our online Patient and Visitor Information Center contains helpful information for visitors to Methodist Hospitals.

7. Visiting Hours at HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital

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  • A guide hospital visiting hours and policies

8. Franciscan Health Crown Point - Health Care Relocations

  • This new facility will replace the existing Franciscan Health Hospital in Crown Point (formerly St. Anthony) that was built in 1974. To assist in planning ...

  • Crown Point, Indiana, USA Franciscan Health healthcare system operates 14 hospitals and employs over 18,000 full- and part-time employees to serve the residents of Indiana and parts of Illinois. Franciscan Health recently broke ground for a new $200 million hospital in Crown Point, Indiana, which is anticipated to be completed in fall of…

9. Franciscan Health changes visitation hours and requirements

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  • Franciscan Health changes visitation hours and requirements My Icon Media

St Anthony Hospital Crown Point Visiting Hours (2024)


How many beds does Franciscan Crown Point have? ›

The $200 million Franciscan Health Crown Point is a seven-story facility with 200 inpatient beds, a neonatal intensive care unit, and will continue its work as the only Level III Trauma Center in the region.

How many Franciscan health locations are there? ›

Today, Franciscan Alliance is one of the largest Catholic health care systems in the Midwest with 12 hospital campuses in Indiana and Illinois, approximately 20,000 employees and a number of nationally recognized Centers of Health Care Excellence.

What hospital is being built in Crown Point? ›

The new Franciscan Health Crown Point hospital is located at 12750 Saint Francis Drive in Crown Point, Indiana on the southeast corner of U.S. 231 and Interstate 65. It is accessible from the roundabout on U.S. 231 just east of I-65 by turning right onto Saint Francis Drive.

How many beds does St Francis Memorial hospital have? ›

Did Virginia Mason buy Franciscan Health? ›

CHI Franciscan and Virginia Mason finalize agreement to form Virginia Mason Franciscan Health.

Who owns the Franciscan Health System? ›

CommonSpirit Health, one of the nation's largest nonprofit health systems, is the parent company of CHI Franciscan.

What is the religious affiliation of Franciscan Health? ›

Always mindful of our Christian stewardship to the Roman Catholic Church, we minister with joy, care and compassion according to the ideals of St. Francis of Assisi and our founder, Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel.

How many beds does Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge have? ›

Accreditation. Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge is a not-for-profit regional medical center licensed for 283 beds.

How many beds does St Elizabeth Edgewood have? ›

Beds and Patient Days by Unit
Available BedsInpatient Days
Routine Services353104,902
Special Care8521,672
Total Hospital438132,938
1 more row

How many beds does Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital have? ›

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital (SRMH) is an acute-care hospital with 338 licensed beds, founded in 1950 and located in Santa Rosa, CA.

How many beds is Saint Francis Tulsa? ›

Saint Francis Hospital is an acute care hospital licensed for 1,112 beds. Widely known for its outstanding medical care and sophisticated services, Saint Francis Hospital is Tulsa's premier hospital and anchor of the health system.


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