List of item filters (2024)

This is a curated list of item filters. Please read the rules before editing.


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      • 1.2.2 Ingame feature columns
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Overview[ | ]

On this page we are running a community effort to create a list of item filters that is easy to use and provides enough information for its user to search for filters for a specific purpose.

Mainly this list is user run, so everyone can and should contribute to keeping it maintained. In particular if you see a list entry being incorrect, please update this page to ensure it's correct.

If you have suggestions regarding the layout or the rules, please use the talk page and do not edit this page directly.

Rules[ | ]

  • When adding a filter, only add a complete row.
  • Filters that do not meet the minimum requirements (see List of item filters#Explanation of table) should not be added.
  • For inactive and abandoned filters, move them down to appropriate section.
  • Add filters in an alphabetical order.
  • Do not remove filters otherwise unless there is a very good reason to do so.
  • In case of vandalism, this page may be temporarily edit-protected; if this is the case, please post proposed changes on the talk page.
  • Incorrect information about a specific filter should be corrected immediately; purposefully posting incorrect information is strictly forbidden.

Explanation of table[ | ]

For a technical overview of the templates involved, see Template:ItemFilterList and Template:ItemFilterListRow.

General columns[ | ]

NameThe name of the item filter. This must also include a link to the release page (for example a thread or a website)
AuthorThe name of item filter's author(s). This must also include a link or multiple of contacting the author (i.e. a forum account, reddit, email, etc)
ReleaseThe release date of the filter. Use YYYY-MM-DD format to help with sorting.

Ingame feature columns[ | ]

Each of these represent core features of the item filter.

ColoursWhether the filter modifies any default colours.
BordersWhether the filter adds any borders to items
Font-SizeWhether the filter modifies the font-size of items
BackgroundWhether the filter modifies the background-colour of items
Item HidingWhether the filter contains a Hide block or not
LevelingWhether the filter is suitable for leveling a character.
EndgameWhether the filter is suitable for endgame. Use partial if there are some issues with it.
Vendor RecipesWhether the filter highlights items usable for vendor recipes. Use partial if there are some issues with it.
CraftingWhether the filter is suitable for crafting (i.e. crafting bases). Use partial if there are some issues with it.

Acceptable values for those features are:

0noThe item filter does not have this feature at all. If there is even just a single item, consider using 1.

For example, this could be a filter that keeps all the original colouring of the game in tact.

1minorThe item filter has some minor support for this feature or only uses it very sparingly.

For example, this is a good value if the item filter only changes it for a handful of very rare items but leaves everything else untouched.

2partialThe item filter has partial support for this feature or uses it in a few places.

For example, this is a good value if the item filter colour codes certain groups of items such as crafting items, but still leaves about the other half of the items untouched.

3majorThe item filter has major support for this feature or uses it a lot.

For example, this is a good value if the item filter changes most of the default display colours and only leaves a handful intact.

4yesThe item filter has complete/full support for this feature and uses it every where. If there are items that are not changed, consider using 3.

For example, this could be the case for an item filter that changes the visual style of the drops entirely to match another game's.

Other columns[ | ]

Each of these represent additional features that are not directly related to the in-game filtering. Generally all these options are optional.

OtherCustomizationWhether the filter is setup in a way that specific parts can be enabled or disabled; i.e. this could be provided in form of a 3rd party tools such as a program or website.
FiltrationGeneralWhether the filter supports blocks, disabled blocks, sections, groups
ThemesWhether the filter supports filtration themes

Acceptable values are:

noThe item filter does not have this feature at all.
partialThe item filter has partial support for this feature or uses it in a few places.
yesThe item filter has complete/full support for this feature and uses it every where.
unknownIt is unknown whether this filter supports the feature. This is the default if nothing is specified.

Filters[ | ]

Note: For sorting by multiple columns hold SHIFT.

General purpose filters[ | ]

NameAuthorReleaseIngame FeaturesOther FeaturesFiltration Support
Ajido's Aesthetically Pleasing Loot FilterAjido (Twitch YouTube)2015-07-17majormajoryesyesyesyesyespartialyesyesyesno
EpicFail42's Loot FilterEpicFail422015-06-25minormajorpartialminorpartialmajoryesyesminornoyesno
Ment's Item FilterMent20082015-04-11partialmajormajorminoryesyesyesyesyesyesnono
NeverSink's LootfilterNeverSink2015-04-15partialpartialmajormajoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
One Filter to rule them allMuldini2015-05-03minorminorminorminoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
StupidFatHobbit's SovereignStupidFatHobbit2016-03-02partialyesmajormajoryesyesyesyesyesyesnono

Specialized filters[ | ]

Filters that are intended for a specialized purpose, such as leveling a specific class or otherwise.

NameAuthorReleaseIngame FeaturesOther FeaturesFiltration SupportDescription

Inactive filters[ | ]

These filters are no longer being updated or the author(s) have become unresponsive.

Note: Do not add anything here if the author doesn't respond to feature requests, only if the author doesn't fix bugs/issues with the filter or isn't updating it after a patch for Path of Exile has been released and it broke particular filters. Give authors some time to publish updates (for example, a week or so).

NameAuthorReleaseIngame FeaturesOther FeaturesFiltration Support
Androox's FilterAndr00x2018-02-18partialmajoryesmajoryesyesyesmajoryesyesyesno
Antnee's Classy Item FilterAntnee2015-04-14minorminorminorminoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Ben's Loot Filterbenjaminbona2016-04-25majormajoryesmajoryesminoryesyesyesyesyesyes
Filter of TreasuresMaskedChimp2015-06-04minormajorminorpartialyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Hellcat5's Not so Ugly Loot FilterHellcat52015-07-18majormajoryesmajoryesyesyesyesminoryesyesyes
Sayya's Item FilterSayyadinaAtreides2015-05-05nopartialpartialminoryesyesyesyesyesyesyesunknown
Yet Another Loot FilterFreeeeez at Forums and Wiki2015-07-13noyesyesminoryesyesyesmajormajorpartialnono
ZiggyD's Loot FilterZiggyD (Twitch YouTube)2015-04-22minorpartialyesminoryesmajoryesyesyesnonono

Abandoned filters[ | ]

These filters are no longer actively maintained and announced to be abandoned by original author of the filters and are kept here as reference. Links might be unavailable as well.

NameAuthorReleaseIngame FeaturesOther FeaturesFiltration Support
goodcake's loot filtergoodcake2015-07-10partialyesnoyesnoyesyesyesyesnonono
List of item filters (2024)


How to follow item filters in PoE? ›

To use one, simply click on the filter name and then click the Follow button. You should then be able to select the item filter available in-game (Options --> Gameplay).

How to use pohx loot filter? ›

To create a loot filter, Pohx explains that players need to press Shift + F and click on the “Create a new filter” button. From there, you can name your filter and begin adding rules and conditions. Pohx uses the example of a Rogue playing a bow build to demonstrate how to select item types and affixes.

What is loot filter? ›

Item filter demonstration Screenshot showing how item filters work in-game. An item filter (or loot filter) is a list of rules that determines the appearance of item pickup labels in the Path of Exile user interface. This helps the player scan for valuable loot, according to their preferences.

How do I list items on Poe market? ›

Selling on Path of Exile Trade Site

In order to make your items visible to other players, you'll need to set your premium stash tab to “public.” Doing so ensures that your items will appear in search results on the Path of Exile Trade Website, allowing other players to view and potentially purchase your items.

How do you list items in chat Poe? ›

To link an item into chat so others can see its details: Hold down Ctrl and right-click on the item icon in your inventory to create an item link in your chat window. You can remap this command, "Item Link to Chat", in the 'Key Mapping' section of the Options Panel (accessed by holding down Ctrl and pressing O).

What is the best loot filter for beginners in Poe? ›

Neversink's Loot Filter

This Loot Filter is the most commonly used one, it is designed to serve you as an All-in-one leveling + Endgame Loot Filter. Neversink has took his time to make this Loot Filter the best and user friendly one therefore it makes a great Loot Filter for beginners.

How do you see loot all the time in Poe? ›

Press "Z" - Show/Hide items on ground. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic.

How do I import loot filters? ›

To import a loot filter, click the Plus button to access three options: 'Create a Filter', 'Open Filter Folder', or 'Paste Clipboard' contents. If you open the filter folder, you can use our Last Epoch builds guide and look for the loot filter section. Right click, then save the link as an XML file.

How do you use advanced item filters? ›

The Advanced Item Filter is used by being placed in a Transfer Node (Items) upgrade slot, or inside an Item Filter. By default, the Advanced Item Filter acts as a whitelist, allowing only items which match its filter program to be transferred.

How do I use Paraview filters? ›

All available filters in paraview are listed under the Filters menu. These are organized in various categories. To create a filter to transform the data produced by a source or a reader, you select the source in the Pipeline Browser to make it active, and then click on the corresponding menu item in the Filters menu.

How to access loot filter Last Epoch? ›

In Last Epoch, you can configure loot filters by pressing the Shift+F keys while in-game.

What is a loot box? ›

Loot boxes have been defined as “features in video games which may be accessed through gameplay, or purchased with in-game items, virtual currencies, or directly with real-world money”.

How do you always show items in Poe? ›

Press "Z" - Show/Hide items on ground.

How do you activate a filter in Poe? ›

To apply loot filters in PoE, follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Fire up Path of Exile.
  2. Head over to the Settings menu, and then to the UI tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find the “List of Item Filters” dropdown menu.
  4. From the menu, find the loot filter you've installed.
  5. Select the loot filter and hit the “Save” button.
Jul 6, 2023

How do you allocate items in Poe? ›

Each area instance has an allocation setting which is fixed when the instance is created. This will default to the party leaders default allocation setting, which can be changed in the options panel, or changed for a specific party in the social panel.

How do you search by item level in Poe? ›

Lift the item onto the cursor, and type the /itemlevel command into the chat box, while the item is held on the cursor.


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