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Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (14)

The Times Of India | Jul 06, 2015 , 11:56:25 IST

Singing reality shows on television for kids are not a new concept on the small screen but still, we believe that the latest on the list in this genre, 'Indian Idol Junior' season 2 which went on air on May 30 this year is a great watch.

Live Updates


11:45 AM (IST)

Ananya Sritam Nanda

11:44 AM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (15)

Bhubaneshwar-based Ananya Sritam Nanda, who won the second season of singing reality show 'Indian Idol Junior', on September 15, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On cloud nine after the meeting, she said that the reality is yet to seep in. "PM @narendramodi met Ananya Sritam Nanda, the winner of Indian Idol Junior (Season 2)," the official Twitter handle of Prime Minister's Office read, while sharing images with the winner.

03:25 PM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (16)

Odisha girl Ananya Nanda, the winner of Indian Idol Junior 2, is set to sign a two-year record deal with label Universe Music India. Her single will be unveiled every consecutive year. The other four finalists on the singing competition series, Vaishnav Girish, Nahid Afrin, Nithyashree Venkataramanan and Moti Khan will also be taken on-board by the label as its next indi-pop act. They will have the opportunity to release one single each. Universe will also sign on these singers for a holistic 360 degree contract for two years wherein all aspects including live show, endorsem*nts, music albums will be solely managed by the label.

10:18 AM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (17)

We have learnt that music composer Salim Merchant who has been judging the second season of 'Indian Idol Junior' will unfortunately not be present for the final episode.Sources confirmed that Salim is traveling to the US, so he will have to skip the last episode. Apparently, Kapil Sharma of Comedy Nights with Kapil, will be present as a celeb judge on the show. A source said, "Salim will be in US. Kapil Sharma will judge the final episode. After a long time we will see Kapil making an appearance on another show." We tried contacting Salim Merchant and Kapil Sharma but they remained unavailable for comment.

03:50 PM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (18)

Anil Kapoor, John Abraham and Shruti Hassan recently visited 'Indian Idol Junior' for promotion of their upcoming movie 'Welcome Back'. Anil Kapoor made a grand entry, where the Top 4 contestants performed on some of his hit songs. He was seen encouraging the contestants from start to the end. When Viashnav sang 'Kuch Na Kaho', Anil Kapoor couldn't stop himself and was seen dancing with Sonakshi Sinha. The beautiful Shruti Hasaan obliged the audience and judges by crooning her debut song from her film 'Blue'. John Abraham on the other hand, surprised the audience by singing his song from the movie 'Welcome Back.
The trio had a gala time on the set of 'Indian Idol Junior'.

02:35 PM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (19)

Abhishek Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor who are playing father and son in Umesh Shukla's film 'All Is Well', which released nationwide yesterday, seem to have found a fan in music legend Lata Mangeshkar. The reel-life father-son duo who recently promoted their film on a popular reality show, had Lata Mangeshkar raving about their singing skills, as she took to a micro blogging site to voice her praise. Said Lata Mangeshkar, "Ek do din pehele maine 'Indian Idol Junior' ka episode dekha jis mein Rishi Kapoor ji aur Abhishek Bachchan ji aaye the, dono har bacche ke gaane ka anand le rahe the.Jab Rishi ji ko gaana gane bulaaya gaya aur unhone 'Main shayar to nahi' ye gaana shuru kiya wo sunke main hairan reh gayi, wo itna sur mein gaate hai ye mujhe pata nahi tha, uske baad Abhishek ji ne gaaya aur wo bhi sur mein gaa rahe the, main unka abhinandan karti hun."

10:50 AM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (20)

Owing to prior commitments, Sonakshi Sinha who is currently judging the second season of 'Indian Idol Junior' will not be seen on the show this Sunday, and the next Saturday. Sonakshi will be missing from the episodes as she is going on a tour to US, confirmed her official spokesperson. Sulaiman Merchant, of Salim-Sulaiman music composer duo will step in to judge the show this weekend.

06:02 PM (IST)

Indian Idol Junior Season 2 - The Times of India (21)

Actress Katrina Kaif, who has her roots in England, visited the set of TV show 'Indian Idol Junior' along with her 'Phantom' co-star Saif Ali Khan and reportedly sought stoppage of the shooting in between when she was asked to participate in a Hindi contest. According to a source from the set, Asha Negi, who co-hosts the singing reality show along with Hussain Kuwajerwala, began the episode talking in Hindi and said 'Aaj hum Hindi classes karenge' (Today we will do Hindi classes) and then she looked at Katrina and asked if she was ready for the Hindi class. "We had started rolling the moment Katrina entered the set. Asha and Hussain were introducing one contestant and they usually have a very funny and quirky way of introducing them. Asha was playing a Hindi teacher's role and she happened to ask Katrina if she was ready for the contest. To which Katrina just had to say" the source said. "Instead she requested for a cut and asked for a proper brief as to what she had to say. This isn't all... she requested to be briefed going forward on whatever she had to do. A simple introduction was blown out of proportion and the shoot was stalled for 5-10 minutes" the source added. Katrina and Saif visited the set of the Sony Entertainment Television show on August 16 on the occasion of Saif's 45th birthday. Katrina even sang the birthday song for him.

12:34 PM (IST)

Sonakshi Sinha was all in spirits for Independence Day on the sets of 'Indian Idol Junior'. She tweeted:

Heres wishing you all a VERY happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!; Sonakshi Sinha (@sonakshisinha) August 15, 2015

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