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Walden Admissions

Walden has designed its admissions process to be as easy and streamlined as possible. You’ll work one-on-one with an Enrollment Specialist who’ll guide you through every step— from finding the right program to funding your education. You’re never alone.

Below you’ll find some helpful resources to get you started.

Before You Apply

Choose Your Program

Admissions requirements differ across our online degree programs. If you need help selecting a program, an Enrollment Specialist will walk you through your options.

Find a Program

Contact Now

Your Enrollment Specialist will guide you through the admissions process and answer any program-specific questions you may have.

Contact Now

Order Transcripts

Certain documents are needed for your application; most importantly, transcripts from previous institutions. Make a list of the schools you’ve attended and we’ll tell you how to order transcripts.

Official Transcripts

The Application Process

Unlike other institutions, there’s no fee to apply to Walden. To start your application, you just need to fill in some basic information and create your account. Once your account is set up, your Enrollment Specialist will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

Application Requirements


Enter your contact and background information.


Walden partners with thousands of organizations to provide discounts to their employees. Enter your employer to ensure you receive any eligible savings.


Let us know about your education history to ensure eligibility for your program.


You are required to provide transcripts for any past universities you've attended. Depending on your program, you may be asked to submit additional information, such as as résumé.


Your Enrollment Specialist will review your application and make sure it's ready to be sent to the admissions team.


Our admissions team will evaluate your application and make a final determination

Apply Now

Create an account to start your no-fee applica

tion to Walden.

Begin Your Application

Degree Acceleration Options

As an adult learner, you bring a lifetime of experiences and insights to the classroom. This includes everything from work and on-the-job training, volunteering, and military service to previous academic or professional development courses. Walden values that knowledge and we’re committed to helping you earn credit for what you already know.

Your Enrollment Specialist will provide clear, personalized guidance on how to translate your college-level knowledge into credits. These credits can help you earn your degree faster and more affordably.

Transfer of Credit

Earn credits based on your previous education and/or your military experience.

Learn More

Credit by Work Experience

Earn credits based on your professional experience and certifications.

Learn More

Credit by Examination

Earn college-level credits by taking exams such as CLEP, DSST, AP, and IB.

Learn More

Credit by Portfolio

Earn credits with a Prior Learning Assessment portfolio.

Learn More

Accelerate Into Master’s (AIM)

Complete your master’s program with up to 50% fewer credits (undergraduate students only).

Learn More

Undergraduate Pathways

Reduce your degree completion time by increasing your course load (undergraduate students only).

Learn More

You’ve Been Admitted: What’s Next

Finalize Financial Aid

If you plan to use financial aid,1 use this time to ensure all financial aid requirements are completed. This will help guarantee that your funds are disbursed on time.

Financial Aid

Join the Walden Community

Connect with your future classmates to build a support network that helps you succeed.

Find a Group

Prepare For Your First Day

Starting any new experience can feel daunting. But don’t worry—we’re here to help! Be sure to register for one of our upcoming student orientations.

Get Ready

Additional Admissions Support

Walden offers additional, specialized admissions support for our diverse audiences. If you’re a veteran or active member of the U.S. military, reside outside of the U.S., or are in need of our disability services, please use the following links:

  • Military and Veterans
  • International Students
  • Student Wellness and Disability Services

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Admissions FAQ

What are the steps for applying to graduate school?

Once you’ve decided you want to go to graduate school, make sure you start preparing your application several months before the school’s deadline. Most colleges and universities—like Walden University—have an online application process and experienced enrollment specialists to assist you in completing your application. Once you’ve researched schools and made your choice(s), the process of applying typically follows these steps:

  1. Complete an online profile, open your online application, and begin filling in your information.

  2. Gather supportive documents for your application. (These may vary by school and/or program.)

  3. Provide official transcripts.

  4. Include applicable test scores.

Once you receive and accept an offer of admission into your university of choice, you’ll be considered a student and will receive further instructions on how to apply for financial aid, set up your student account, register for courses, and more.

What is a goal statement?

Depending on the degree program you’re interested in, many U.S. schools require a written statement as part of the admission process that explains why you’d like to pursue a certain field of study at that particular institution. If you’re passionate about a specific academic area, writing a goal statement shouldn’t be too difficult. And, if you have any questions, most colleges and universities have knowledgeable enrollment specialists who are available to answer questions about your goal statement and other elements of the admission process.

How do you choose the right university to earn your degree online?

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree online, you’re in good company. But with so many colleges and universities to choose from, how do you select the right one? Here’s a list of six criteria that can help you narrow your search and select the best institution for your personal and career goals.

  1. Accreditation. When it comes to selecting the right institution, the best place to start is accreditation. Accreditation by an independent accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, such as The Higher Learning Commission, signifies that an institution meets rigorous quality standards and you will receive a quality education.

  2. Programs. If you already know what you’d like to study, make sure the online colleges and online universities you’re considering have strong programs in your area of interest. If you’re still undecided about what you will study, choose an institution with diverse offerings to provide a number of options.

  3. Curriculum. Once you’ve identified an online program you’re interested in at an accredited university, investigate its curriculum. Many colleges show required and elective course descriptions for each program on their websites, making it easier to determine the right program for you.

  4. Technology. An institution is only as strong as its technology. From mobile apps to video chatting with instructors and classmates, technologies employed by colleges and universities to help online students learn and stay engaged are important. Be sure to investigate the technologies used by the institution you’re interested in attending to ensure they meet your needs.

  5. Price. Many institutions offer financial aid, grants, and scholarships for adult learners. An Enrollment Specialist at the university of your choice can help you identify the funding options available.

  6. Graduate success. Explore the websites of your top university choices to see what graduates have done with their education. One inspiring story may be enough to help you make your final decision and get started pursuing your dream career.

What information do you need to include on an online application?

Once you have made the decision to pursue an online degree program, you can begin gathering or considering some of the things you’ll need to complete your online application. Here’s a preview of what information you can expect to provide with the online application at Walden University:

  • Program of interest. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to speak with your Enrollment Specialist for recommendations on which online degree program best suits you and your goals.

  • Preferred start date. Here, you can choose from any of our upcoming start dates. Typically, there are several start dates available for each program to accommodate your schedule.

  • Academic history. If you have previously earned a degree, you can include your previous institution’s information, your major, year of graduation, etc.

  • Employment History. Take the opportunity to fill in where you work and what you do. For this section, you may import your information from your LinkedIn profile. Military experience is also considered and may translate into potential credit toward your degree.

  • Transcripts. Unofficial transcripts will be reviewed for eligibility of credit transfer, but you must submit official transcripts for financial aid to be processed, if admitted to the university. Be sure to request official transcripts once you have decided to apply to Walden.

  • Résumé. Don’t forget to update this as well with your previous academic, work, military, and life experience!

Additional Admissions Support

Walden offers additional, specialized admissions support for our diverse audiences. If you’re a veteran or active member of the U.S. military, reside outside of the U.S., or are in need of our disability services, please use the following links:

  • Military and Veterans
  • International Students
  • Student Wellness and Disability Services
Admissions | Walden University (2024)


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